creative direction Marfala
identity design Carlos Tamara
graphic design Andres Jacome

Americanino is an Italian denim brand that has journeyed through many collections and evolutions of styles since its birth in 1975. What has remained unshakable throughout its evolution is its origin story: a love of denim.

After decades of growth and expansion throughout Latin America, in early 2023 the company decided they wanted to take on a new market and launch the brand in the US. To accomplish this, it engaged Marfala to create an overarching strategic position and brand identity with a new visual language to amplify its status as a next-generation, forward thinking denim brand while paying tribute to it’s multi-cultural origins.


The brand would launch in the US with a genderless collection, inclusive in both design and fit. The collection set to launch in Fall 2024 embodied the values of modern fashion - inclusivity, authenticity and versatility. Marfala set out to boost the impact of Americanino’s launch, by working on a new, fresh visual identity. Expressive typography, dynamic layering and a strong color palette was at the core of our redesign - taking the brand from a conservative monolithic structure to a more liquid and diversified aesthetic.

The result is what we call “New World Denim” a new identity for a new market. Inspired by the letterforms of traditional Italian design, Americanino’s first letter turns into a highly recognizable symbol that strengthens the positioning of the name and creates immediate impact - balancing heritage, individuality and personal identity.