Marfala is a New York/Bogota based creative studio. 

We do great work. Every piece we create is thoughtful, precise and beautiful - and we always overdeliver. We understand the nuances of both niche markets and international appeal as well as the business considerations that exist across varied industries, diverse demographics and cultures.

Our work balances beauty and purpose to create sensorially driven and emotionally engaged design, strategy and experiences. 

New project coming soon.

— (1) Casa Cruz New York
— (2) Work A Flower in the Concrete
— (3) Work Living Skincare for Living Skin
— (4) Work Art Saat
— (5) Sense Ode to Soap
— (6) Work Springleaf
— (7) Sense The Beat of Type
— (8) Work Government of Colombia
— (9) Work Debrand Cocaine
— (10) Work Essie Summer
— (11) Work A Growing Number
— (12) Sense Vincero!
— (13) Work Carlos salas
— (14) Sense Frustration