Family Style

Family Style

creative direction Marfala
identity design Carlos Tamara
graphic design Andres Jacome
Family Style

Founded by veteran editor Joshua Glass, Family Style is a quarterly print magazine at the intersection of food and culture. Inspired by the warmth and shared experience of a great meal, and the free flowing conversation and creative exchange of an illustrious guestlist, Family Style records on the page the freewheeling culture-creation that happens around the dinner table.

Led by a coterie of the most impactful creative minds of our time; through their pages, their one-of-a-kind events, and their digital channels, they are inviting a global readership to dinner.

We set out to create something at once familiar and timeless. We were looking for both warmth and poise, something that would suggest the camaraderie of the shared table, while also the taste and curation of the guestlist, and the lightly worn intelligence of compelling conversation.

When trying to describe what made a great meal, Anthony Bourdain talked about “those mysterious elements of context: “where you are, what’s going on in the room, what the room smells like.” Our graphic language was inspired by the image of a perfectly laid table and a carefully prepared meal… and then that element of pure chance. We describe it as the spontaneity of the moment, the chance encounter, the candlelight flicker… the Greeks called it kairos, which brings out something deeper: the opportune moment, when time stands still. It is a great weight of meaning, packing into the weightlessness of a gesture.